Hello there,

I am elated that I have piqued your interest for you to explore my website further. Here are a few bits pertaining to my photoshoot you should know:

Overnight shoots are reserved for those I have seen before. 

I only take a few in-studio requests per week in Chicago, therefore I prefer out-bound appointments.

Consideration for shoots should always be presented in an unsealed and unmarked envelope, out in the open where I can easily find it. Please avoid any awkward discussions, should I have to ask where it is.

Be sure to note that any shoot lasting longer than two hours should include an event, drinks, and/or dinner.

If you have worked with me in the past, pre-screened, or scheduled a booking with me before September 3, 2018, you will be grandfathered in at my old patronage. Please contact me if you are unsure about the consideration.


one hour 800
one point five hours 1100
two hours 1400
three hours 1800
four hours 2200
six hours 3000
eight hours 3300
fourteen hours 4800
twenty-four hours 6000
each additional day add 1000