The essential reading

What should I know about booking you?
If you have read my website thoroughly, given me valid booking information I have requested, provided me with a description of yourself (What interests you? What brings you joy?), then you will hear from me as soon as I have finished screening you. I do not accept meet-and-greets in lieu of screening. If you have not heard from me within two days, please submit your request again or contact me directly at misscelinebaudin@protonmail.com.

How do you ensure privacy and discretion?
Mutually, we both share a need for privacy and discretion. I keep my inbox clean on a regular basis and delete personal information as soon as its purpose has finished. All inquiries submitted will be delivered to an encrypted, secure e-mail address. I do not have an assistant and I am the only one who sees or answers messages. If you happen to see me in public, please refrain from acknowledging me, saying "hello," or making eye contact, no matter how long we have known each other. I request my personal life remains private and I will reciprocate this on your behalf as well.

Do you have reviews?
Yes. Please contact me after I have fully screened you and I will send attachments. I am also verified on other websites and have two, main social media accounts I use consistently. 

What is your preferred form of payment?
I am cash-based only. 

When are you available?
I am available given a day's notice or longer. Notices in advance are much appreciated. I do not take last minute appointments unless I am traveling and my schedule isn't full. In Chicago, I have a studio available, but I only take 2-3 appointments per week. Early morning bookings are also available at my studio and other locations downtown from 7AM-9AM with advance notice. I'm usually not available Sundays, but have been known to make exceptions. 

How do I set up an appointment?
All inquiries should be directed to my booking form, located here. All messages and form submissions go to the same, encrypted mailing address for your security.
— For inbound appointments: If you’re looking to come to my studio, I only accept employment information unless we have met before. References can be listed, but not in lieu of employment.
Another option would be to provide me with a small deposit (a week or more in advance, so it is processed successfully) so I can book a studio elsewhere. If this option appeals to you, please reach out providing the first portion of my screening form. A legal name, non-burner phone number, and e-mail address must be given.
— For outbound appointments: Employment information and/or references are accepted. I can travel downtown to your location without a fee. If you wish to see me outside of downtown, I travel to destinations around the Chicago area for less than an hour at a small fee.

Do you accept overnights or longer bookings?
Yes! I am happy to take our photoshoot well into the night so long as I have seen you before. I just require seven hours of beauty sleep so I can function the next day. I also do and encourage fly-me-to-yous, in case I don’t travel to your city or can’t come to your city fast enough.

What is your cancellation policy?
I understand life happens and circumstances can arise unexpectedly, however I reserve the right to implement a policy that demonstrates that you respect my time and efforts. New friends who cancel within the 24-hour window will incur a 40% cancellation fee. Established friends who cancel twice within the 24-hour window will also incur the same fee the second, cancelled time. If I cancel, I will gladly offer you some extra time should we wish to reschedule at a later date.

How should I prepare myself?
My number one preference is for a new friend to feel relaxed and comfortable. In order to make our time enjoyable, I request that you meet me well-groomed with impeccable hygiene. Those who want an in-studio experience should come dressed in business attire or business casual, carrying a portfolio or briefcase. Courtesy, manners, and proper etiquette are a must. If you are intoxicated, become intoxicated, or use any form of illicit drugs before or during our rendezvous, I reserve the right to cancel immediately without further explanation or refund. Video, photography I do not consent to, and sound recordings are never allowed. If you attempt to short my consideration, extend our booking longer than previously arranged without compensation, or disrespect any of my boundaries, I will terminate the session and refuse to see you again in the future.

May I bring alcohol to our session?
Of course, I am a casual drinker who enjoys a terrific bottle of red or a beautiful champagne. However, I ask that you patiently wait for me to arrive to open the new bottle in front of me. I do not accept opened/poured drinks beforehand from any source, including a bar, if I have not been present. 

Do you have piercings or tattoos?
I have one piercing on each earlobe which are usually adorned with small, stud pearls. My current tattoo is nearly invisible due to numerous removal sessions.

Do you shoot with couples? 
Couples are not in my area of expertise and I typically don't take them on due to their murky nature. I want to ensure everyone is comfortable and boundaries are understood. However, I have been known to make exceptions for very special circumstances and both people must include their screening information as well as write a separate email introducing themselves. 

Do you take requests?
I am happy to accommodate outfit requests, but if I do not possess an article of clothing in my wardrobe, compensation is required before hand so I can explore and find the perfect item for our session.

Do you give references?
Yes! I am reference friendly. However, I expect a few things of you if you wish for a reference from me: 1) You must have seen me within six months, 2) You must acquire my permission first through e-mail before passing my information to another companion,  3) The companion should be established and reputable, and 4) You can use me 2-3 times. Otherwise, you're good to go!

"Wine is a part of society because it provides a basis not only for a morality but also for an environment; it is an ornament in the slightest ceremonials of French daily life, from the snack (plonk and camembert) to the feast, from the conversation at the local cafe to the speech at a formal dinner. It exalts all climates, of whatever kind: in cold weather, it is associated with all the myths of becoming warm, and at the height of summer, with all the images of shade, with all things cool and sparkling. There is no situation involving some physical constraint (temperature, hunger, boredom, compulsion, disorientation) which does not give rise to dreams of wine…" -Roland Barthes, "Wine and Milk," Mythologies (1957)